Why C# with selenium is used in Automation Testing

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What is Selenium?

Selenium is a test automation framework, commonly applied to automate browser testing. Selenium provides adaptability with almost all programming languages. This makes it a great choice for C# enthusiasts because they can use Selenium and C# to automate cross-browser testing. Selenium with C# Training provides the best selenium c# tutorial for beginners under the guidance of experienced mentors.

What Makes C# is a Good Choice for Test Automation?

In both testing and development scenarios, C# can be used. It was built by Microsoft under the concepts of the .NET Framework. Recently Microsoft has launched the new version of C# 8.0. Refer to selenium c# tutorial for beginners that will be helpful for testers who want to start their career in c# with selenium. Let us understand why c# is used in selenium testing. 

  • The C# is an object-oriented programming language. It supports OOPS concepts such as encapsulation and inheritance.
  • C# with selenium can test on multiple operating systems, In addition to Creating web applications, desktop, and mobile apps, C # is also extensively applied for test automation and the several test frameworks it presents. With the C # programming language, Testers can test web applications based on all kinds of operating systems such as windows, ios, etc. Selenium with C# Online Training deploys its students in a demo testing project. so they can get an opportunity to know about the technical concepts and hands-on experience with the concepts.
  •  C# compatibility with Selenium WebDriver is more efficient than other programming languages. So usage of C# usage in selenium automation testing is gradually increased and most of the testers prefer C# for automated browser settings.
  • Visual Studio in C# simplifies the writing of test scripts, additionally, Visual studio offers some extra features like debugging and intelligence. The Visual Studio IDE enables for speedier development and debugging, resulting in a faster time to market for a web application. Quality of testing is more efficient in C# with selenium. selenium c# tutorial for beginners demonstrates how to Set up Visual Studio Solution and executes the test scripts.
  • C# has POM(Page object model) pattern, integrating the automation test scripts and POM design pattern will lead to the effective maintenance of test scripts. It’s an amazing feature for automation testers. 
  • Many automation frameworks can be used for automated browser testing with Selenium C#. Each framework has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, and they are picked based on their needs, compatibility, and the type of solution they choose. The most common Selenium C# frameworks for test automation are listed below.
  • NUnit
  • Gauge
  • SpecFlow


Here we discuss why C# with Selenium is used in automation testing, this is the basic introduction of the selenium c# tutorial for beginners. In upcoming articles, we will see how to set up Selenium in Visual Studio and how to run scripts for handling frames. Learn Selenium C# through FITA Academy through great mentorship.