Importance Of Java In Android Application Development

Importance Of Java In Android Application Development

Java is one of the advanced languages which is in human-readable code among all programming languages.

Java was released by James Gosling in 1995 at sun microsystem and was later undertaken by oracle. Java is one of the common languages of android that includes different languages like C and C++. If you are interested in learning Java then taking Java Training In Kolkata will be more helpful.

Java is easy to learn and can be mastered quickly. This is one of the flexible languages which is similar to object-oriented language. The future of java programming is high and one can choose this platform blindly for their career development.

Before we see the importance of Java in Android application development we will try to know whether java is worth learning.

Is Java Worth Learning?

Java is a valuable programming language that isn’t going away and is well worth learning. Because it is simple and straightforward to learn, This is the first choice of most designers.

Java is one of the languages which is intensively impacted by C++ and offers tremendous advantages. If you are interested to know the importance of Java in Android then taking a Java Training In Trivandrum will be more helpful.

Below we will see about the features of Java which is preferred in Android application development.

1.Object-Oriented :

Java follows the object-oriented approach. As it uses primitive data types it will be not be considered as a pure OOPS language. It provides the capabilities of OOPS like encapsulation, abstraction, polymorphism, etc.

2.Simple :

Java is a simple programming language with a lot of features. The syntax in Java is easy to learn and can be understood quickly. If you know C and C++ then it is easy to learn Java. As the java career provides a great scope for future programmers it is advisable to take the Java Training In Kochi.

3.Portable :

With everything predefined in storage, Java can be used in any platform and also it is not dependent on implementations. This can be done because the language byte code cannot be carried out to any platform.

Summary :

 Java is the only language that provides various functionality and it is very much important in android application development. As Java is more trending and getting updates rapidly it is advisable to do a certification course on Java programming at FITA Academy. So by concluding these are some of the importance of Java in android application development.