How German & English Are Similar To Each Other

How German & English Are Similar To Each Other

For Today’s Generation Learning a new language is a tough task. Mainly for the people who focus on the difference between the language which they speak and for the ones who are interested in acquiring it. German and English are the languages that are similar to each other. There are many similarities between these two languages.

However, if you know English then it is easy for you to learn German. Enrolling in a certification course in German Classes In Bangalore is one of the easiest ways to master this language.

Below we will discuss the similarities between German & English.

Similarities Between German & English :

As there are more similarities between the German language to English we will discuss some top similarities between them.

1.English is a Germanic Language :

Both the English and the French claim to be members of the Germanic Division in Europe. Today, they are still in close proximity.

There is more resemblance between these two languages. More non-technical words in English contains Germanic words in it. To learn and practice yourself in the German language then enrolling in certification on German Language Course In Bangalore will be very helpful.

2.Both Languages use the same Alphabet :

One of the common similarities between German & English is they use the same 26 alphabets that are derived from the Latin alphabet. This is one of the major advantages for learners where they are able to start writing in the German language directly.

3.Many German words are used in the German Language :

If you can able to speak English then definitely you will be aware of some German words. The English language contains a greater number of German words, with some of them being used often.

In domains such as food and drink, the usage of German terminology in English is more widespread. The “sprizer” is one of the words that is used for alcohol in German. Going for German Language Classes In Bangalore will help you to learn more technical words that are used in German and help you to get familiarized with them. Also, you can get more information on german language and German culture by taking certification classes in German.

Conclusion :

So by concluding these are some of the noted similarities between the German and English languages. If you are interested in learning German then enrolling in a German certification course at FITA Academy will be beneficial.