Different Job Roles in Angularjs


This Blog will help you to know Different Job Roles in Angularjs. Hope it will helpful for all freshers!


Angular JS is a Google-developed and maintained open-source JavaScript framework. It’s used to create Model View Controller (MVC) applications. With its extensive set of directives, Angular JS extends the functionality of HTML tags. Before we go any further, it’s important to have a basic understanding of CSS, javascript, and HTML. 

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These are the choices for a Career in Angularjs:

  • Web app developer or Web developer
  • UI developer
  • Front end developer or Front end web developer
  • JavaScript developer

 Web app developer or Web developer

A web developer’s work is to meet the needs of the client. A web developer is responsible for both the front end and the back end of a website. It focuses on how a website will look and behave, all while meeting the needs of the client.

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Front end web developer:

Front end web developers start focusing on the appearance of the website. It is primarily used on the front end. It consists of creating web pages, linking web pages, and so on. Explore your programming knowledge with the help of Angularjs Training in Gurgaon.

UI developer

UI developer is an acronym for user interface developer. It works as a web developer as well as a web designer. A web designer designs the pages, while a web developer adds functionality. It is primarily responsible for design, functionality, and security capabilities. As a programmer there are numerous job opportunities is available in the IT sector so it is the right time to start a career in this field undergoing the best  Angularjs Training in Hyderabad.

JavaScript developer

JavaScript developer advances All the above titles can work with angular as a technology, or we can say that these are the many other names by which an angular developer can be known. FITA Academy is the best place to learn advanced Angularjs Training in Delhi. Experts will lead you through advanced Angularjs concepts.