Cloud computing architecture

cloud computing training in ChennaiCloud computing in general, terms means all the components and sub components which together form a cloud can be called as the architecture for cloud. According to cloud computing training in Chennai this architecture can be divided into two sections they are-

  • Front end architecture.
  • Back end architecture.

When we closely examine the cloud architecture both the front-end and back-end is connected with a virtual network that is nothing but the internet.  The above two are the main components of the architecture but apart from this there are many other components which form as a part of the cloud architecture to name some they are middleware, Cloud resources etc. These are discussed in detail in cloud computing training.

What is front end architecture?

  • Front end is what the users or the visitors of the cloud service get to see when they log-in or use our product. So basically the users or visits our product with the help of a computer and the internet. The user interface of every product is different and the feature of every product is different.
  • Emails can also be a part of cloud computing when we log in we are able to see a screen this screen is supported by the browser which we use.
  • There are dedicated applications which make the use of cloud computing, some of the examples are, apache hadoop etc. These company provide different solution which is based on the cloud computing.
  • This type of applications work with the servers which are used by the cloud user and cloud service provider

What is back end architecture?

  • While using the cloud based software we only enjoy their services, we are least bothered by their back end processes. The back bone of the services is the back end processes; this helps the user to get the best experience.
  • Back end includes various servers, computer system and data storage systems which helps the software to run smoothly without any hassles.
  • While looking into the matters deeply we can say that all the applications which help to run the software work individually and they are connected through their own dedicated servers.
  • While doing cloud computing courses in Chennai you will come to know that for every process there are different applications, and these applications have a certain responsibility when it comes to fulfilling a particular action. Each application is assigned to perform a specific action.
  • There are different types of application which are used for security, traffic control protocols and there are other applications which run to deploy the connected network computers to the communication.

These are some of the architecture of cloud computing which are taught in detail in cloud computing training in Chennai.